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A Fresh Perspective 

Explore recipes and cutting-edge product developments for consumers ever-evolving dietary and lifestyle choices.

The Freshness

At the core of our food and service philosophy are fresh ideas and fresh food. At TJUK, we provide exceptional, top-notch foods that showcase an array of global flavors. Our extensive network of specialty suppliers complements our culinary and business knowledge.


By partnering with TJUK, you'll have access to an unparalleled range of innovative ingredients and advanced products that link your business to a first-class distribution network, ensuring you have access to the freshest products, trends, and ideas.

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Leveraging Logistics

With 35 years of experience in the food industry, TJUK is the leading logistics company in meeting the changing demands of the evolving food ecosystem. Our specialized network of suppliers, innovative logistics solutions, and cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly respond to shifts in demand.
We are committed to providing our customers with a competitive edge in the marketplace by ensuring that their supply chains are agile, adaptable, and responsive to meet the needs of their customers across the globe.


Indian Heart, Global 

At TJUK, we are rooted in Indian values and heritage, but we have a global outlook and approach. We offer a wide range of services that cater to customers worldwide and constantly strive to keep up with evolving global trends. Our import and export operations allow us to offer the highest quality food products from all over the world to our customers.

Our extensive network enables us to source for and provide service to customers globally.

People at the Heart
of Food

Food is not just about sustenance; it is a fundamental part of human culture. It brings people together, creates connections, and fosters a sense of community. At our food logistics company, we understand the importance of the human element in the food industry.

We value the relationships we build with our suppliers and customers and take pride in our commitment to the unique needs of individual end consumers - at grocery stores, hospitals, airplanes, cinemas, cafeterias, catered events and restaurants. 

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Tomorrow's Food 


Where applicable, we ensure our suppliers meet our high standards for environmental and social responsibility. We also collaborate with food startups that share our commitment to sustainability, providing them with the necessary logistical support to help them succeed. In addition, we work to reduce food waste by partnering with organizations that redistribute excess food to those in need, while also reducing our carbon footprint by implementing sustainable logistics solutions.

Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a more equitable and environmentally responsible food system.

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