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The TJUK Story 

Over 30 years of offering outstanding products and tailored services to clients across the globe. Today, TJUK has positioned itself as a leading brand builder, marketer and distributor in the Indian food industry.

Over the last three decades, we have built capabilities in the area of food distribution and in launched brands for both food service & retail sales channels in India and 10 countries - serving 15,000+ Touchpoints yearly.  

With a national footprint, we are building one of India's largest organized last-mile food distribution networks to support our supplier base of reputed leading domestic and international FMCG companies.TJUK has developed a technologically advanced supply chain management system over two decades of experience, that is capable of handling 6000+ SKUs from 100+ suppliers, ensuring availability.

We operate modern, spacious warehouses, equipped to handle frozen, chilled, and dry food products. These efforts are supported by a team comprising of dedicated sales personnel, logistic teams, and product and brand managers, at these locations.


At TJUK, we offer a competitive edge in the market through our smart warehouse management, intelligent route optimization, supplier insights, data analytics, and customer focus. We  identifies areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that aim to constantly improve customer experience on the customer and supplier side.


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As the founder and leader of TJUK Trade Networks, I am humbled and honored by the recognition of our company's success in the foodservice distribution industry. It has been a privilege to provide unparalleled sales and distribution services across all sales channels, helping brands expand their market presence and reach new levels of success. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries and create new and innovative solutions for brands and customers.

As the president of both the Food Service Distributors Association of India and the Mumbai Suppliers Association, I am committed to advancing the growth and development of the foodservice distribution community. It is an honor to work alongside other passionate individuals who share my vision for the future of this industry.

Keyur Thakershi Bhatia

MD & Chairman

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